Canada Buy South is an online resource created by a US Real Estate Investor from Windsor, Ontario. This site was created to provide fellow Canadian as well as International potential buyers a FREE online resource to find experienced real estate, mortgage brokers, investment property companies, and other Real Estate Professionals across the United States to make finding your vacation or investment property purchase in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, or just about any other state across the country as rewarding and hassle-free as possible.

Kyle Pearce, founder of Canada Buy South, holds a Bachelor degree in both Mathematics and Education from the University of Windsor and has taken advantage of the US real estate opportunities in Florida and Arizona.

Working as a full-time secondary mathematics teacher and mathematics coach with his school district, his days are busy blogging about math and educational technology at Tap Into Teen Minds, but has a passion for US real estate investing. This website is simply a place where he can store his real estate contacts from over the years and help Canadians connect with great real estate professionals. His passion for real estate led him to becoming a part-time Ontario Mortgage Broker, however with the birth of his daughter, Taliah and a second on the way, he plans to “hang-up” mortgage origination for the time being.

  • The Vision for Canada Buy South

    The vision for Canada Buy South has always been centred around the development of an Elite Network of US Real Estate Professionals to help foreign national real estate buyers from Canada and abroad find hand-picked realtors and mortgage brokers to assist them in their search. This network consists of my own real estate agents from major metropolitan areas across the United States and Canada who have provided superior service and attention throughout all of my real estate transactions. The trust which is established between my agents and their clients is built quickly, providing the buyer comfort while searching for your property.

  • Website is 100% Free for Buyers and Real Estate Professionals

    Canada Buy South is 100% Free for BOTH real estate buyers and real estate professionals.

    If you’re a buyer, I encourage you to browse the resources and reach out to any professionals that seem to fit your particular situation. Our just recently added forum community is perfect for Q&A’s and building relationships with other buyers and the professionals you will find on the site.

    If you’re a real estate professional or a private seller, I encourage you to create a FREE account and post a Public Professional Profile such as this one to let visitors know you’re out there and willing to help!

  • Call For Real Estate Professionals

    Realtors, mortgage brokers, turn-key companies, title companies, accountants, lawyers, and all other Real Estate Professionals are encouraged to join Canada Buy South; 100% FREE!

  • Recent Site Restructuring

    If you’re a loyal visitor to Canada Buy South, you’ll notice that we have restructured the site significantly. Kyle has removed contact details from much of the site as his focus on Transforming the Mathematics Classroom is his primary focus and I no longer have the additional time to answer large amounts of phone calls and email to help point visitors in the right direction. It is important to note that this site is a free resource for both buyers and real estate professionals to use; a few banners are present on the site to help cover costs, but you won’t see him rolling in any Benjamin’s from it.

  • Help Us Improve The Site!

    If you do have something to contribute, please do let us know in the forums or use the contact form in the contact us page.