When shopping for great turn-key investment properties in the United States and Internationally, it is important to look beyond just the cost of a rental property and the rent you can generate.

There are many reasons why US real estate investors should consider purchasing Charlotte investment properties and Charlotte turn-key rental homes to add to their current property portfolio.

Why Buy Charlotte Investment Properties?

  • Charlotte, North Carolina is the fastest growing city in the United States by CNN Money.
  • Charlotte is ranked in the top 5 markets for job growth in the United States.
  • The Charlotte Real Estate Housing Market is ranked in the top ten for housing recovery best bets by CNN Money.
  • Charlotte is one of the top three best Metro-Areas for Real Estate Investments by Urban Land Institute.
  • Charlotte is the 2nd Largest Banking Centre in the United States after New York City.

Investing in the City of Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte has an ever growing city and metropolitan population. At over 1.6 million, it is one of the fastest growing urban areas in the US and has been increasing by a staggering 80% since 1990. With growth like this, Charlotte has been able to offer all of the advantages and amenities of other major cities.

Acclaimed for their higher education, Charlotte hosts 37 colleges and universities in the region, serving over 220,000 students abroad.

Being diversified is a great thing, being highly diversified is even better! Charlotte’s economy boast it’s diversity with over 270 Fortune 500 companies and 9 Fortune 500 headquarters, one of which includes Bank of America HQ.

Having one of the largest international airports in the world has played a major part in Charlotte’s growth. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport provides 20 million passengers with nonstop daily service to 170 different cities and international locations annually.

Residents rarely get bored in this city! With 5 plus professional sports teams, 16,500 acres of parks, 36 private and public golf courses, 35 miles of greenways and almost year-round great weather, residents capitalize on city use. Being family friendly and famous for it’s outdoor and cultural venues, Charlotte is a highly desirable place to live, work and play.

What Are Your US Real Estate Investment Goals?

What are your US real estate investment goals? When first exploring the option of purchasing investment properties in the United States, Canadian and International buyers often think of places they would like to visit or vacation to. However, if your US real estate investment goals are focused on cashflow and building equity through appreciation, then you should consider a great real estate rental housing market and Charlotte, North Carolina has great opportunities waiting.

Charlotte Turn-Key Investment Properties

Charlotte real estate investors can be very successful by purchasing resale properties, foreclosures or short sales by making the appropriate upgrades and hiring a property management company to advertise and interview potential tenants. Doing this on your own can take time, money and resources to ensure a successful investment.

Many investors prefer to purchase Charlotte turn-key properties to save the time, money and hassle associated with doing all of the work themselves.

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Charlotte Investment Property Details

  • Fully renovated single family homes in owner-occupied communities.
  • Tenants and local property management option already in place.
  • Average capitalization rates of 8%.
  • Charlotte investment property average purchase price of $100,000.
  • 50% Non-Recourse Financing starting at 8.25% available for LLCs, IRAs and Foreign National Buyers.

Advantage of the Charlotte Real Estate Market

Charlotte is the #1 market in the U.S. for population growth AND in the Top 5 U.S. markets for job creation.

The population in Charlotte increased over 65% in the last decade and the growth shows no sign of stopping.

Unemployment is well below the national average as jobs continue to be created at very high rates compared to the rest of the nation.

Originally recognized as a transportation hub with substantial jobs in that sector, Charlotte has today become the second largest banking center in the U.S. after New York City. Charlotte is home to Bank of America, while Citi, Ally Financial and Wells Fargo all have major operations there as well.

Charlotte has created an extremely favorable business climate, ranking in the Top 5 most desirable cities to do business, the Top 5 cities for most women-owned businesses, and the #1 city for least expensive business travel.

Forbes ranked Charlotte the #1 city in the country for “Happy Young Professionals” and Gallup ranked it in the Top 5 cities for “Overall Well-Being”.

Charlotte is also the home to the Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Bobcats and the NASCAR Hall of fame. With 75% of NASCAR-related employees living within 2 hours of the city, the popular sports-nature of this town is both a job creator and a tourist attraction.

Charlotte Real Estate Market on the Rise

While the Charlotte investment property market offers great opportunities for real estate investors, single-family rental properties are being scooped up by US real estate investors as demand as well as prices increase and supply decreases. With an ever growing demand for Charlotte investment properties, the price of these rental homes are increasing while supply continues to decrease.

Note that Canada Buy South never uses pressure tactics to encourage clients to purchase. Research and a significant amount of due diligence should always take place before making a final decision.