When shopping for great turn-key investment properties in the United States and Internationally, it is important to look beyond just the cost of a rental property and the rent you can generate.

There are many reasons why US real estate investors should consider purchasing Chicago investment properties and Chicago turn-key rental homes to add to their current property portfolio.

Why Buy Chicago Investment Properties?

  • Chicago is one of the top 5 most economically dominant and diverse cities in the world.
  • Chicago’s strong economy offers rental property opportunities with upside potential and strong demand from tenants.
  • Chicago investment properties offer duplex, triplex and quadplex options that have been renovated by turn-key property managers to include high-end finishes and high end quality tenants.
  • Rental properties offered by our hand-picked Chicago turn-key companies have been selected to offer prices that are below market value and build-in equity when you purchase.

Investing in US Real Estate Doesn’t Always Mean Florida or Arizona

What are your US real estate investment goals? When first exploring the option of purchasing investment properties in the United States, Canadian and International buyers often think of Florida, Arizona or California as idea investment locations. This is often because these places are familiar from vacations or family trips. However, if your US real estate investment goals are focused on cashflow and building equity through appreciation, then you should consider other markets like Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Turn-Key Investment Properties

Chicago real estate investors can be very successful by purchasing resale properties, foreclosures or short sales by making the appropriate upgrades and hiring a property management company to advertise and interview potential tenants. Doing this on your own can take time, money and resources to ensure a successful investment.

Many investors prefer to purchase Chicago turn-key properties to save the time, money and hassle associated with doing all of the work themselves.

Never miss a good investment opportunity. Access our Chicago Turn-Key Inventory.

Chicago Investment Property Details

  • Capitalization Rates Over 10%
  • Duplex, triplex and quadplex properties for an average of $150,000
  • Fully renovated and updated with quality materials
  • All properties come with tenants and property management in place
  • Properties located in renter-friendly communities with high demand
  • Financing available; LLCs, IRAs, Canadians & Foreign Nationals Welcome

Why Purchase Chicago Investment Property?

  • World Famous International City
  • 4th Most Economically Powerful City in the World
  • 3rd Largest Metropolitan Area in the United States
  • Most Diversified Economy in the United States
  • Home to more than 30 Fortune 500 Companies
  • One of the Largest Rental Markets with Over 55% of the Population Renting