So you want to sell your real estate or home for sale, but you’re not sure what you’re doing. You could hire a realtor, but you still have to do some of the work on your own – and that’s when doing a little work on your end can come into play. Here we’re going to talk about how you can use social media to sell your home, no matter what kind of home you have. From choosing the best keywords to making your property attractive with a little creative wordsmithing, you’ll be able to sell, sell, sell.

Create Some Buzz

People don’t want a house, they want a home. Creating a backstory to get people excited about buying this property is going to help you make the most of your sale – because after all, it’s all about making them want it! Try not to lie, but feel free to embellish a bit to make sure everything pops. There are a dozen family homes for sale in your area, but you’re the only one with the great story about 3 generations growing up under the same roof!

Understand Your Keywords

When people are searching online for a home, they’re scanning for keywords. These can be:

  • The Name of a Neighbourhood or Location – if you live in a specific area that people want to be, make sure you include this in your listing! Even if you don’t live in a great area, people will still want to know what neighbourhood you’re in.
  • What Kind of House do You Have? A Victorian? Revival? Cute little ranch house? All of these help people know if they’re getting the right house or not and they need to know what they’re buying.
  • Add a Touch of Class – if your home isn’t all that great, but you still have a lot to offer, you’re going to want to play it up.

Professional Pictures are a Must

You’ll want professional pictures by a PROFESSIONAL real estate photographer! Seriously, don’t leave this to chance – and if you really want to sell you’ll want to also think about adding some videos too. Professionals are going to know how to light the property so you won’t end up with a home that looks like a “desperate rental”, something that makes people really want to buy what you’re selling. Be dynamic, be interactive.

Where Should You Advertise?

You’ll want to hit all the major social hubs to make sure that people are able to find your home. Tweeting your home is always a great idea, especially with your keywords so people can find it when they search. Using Pinterest is always a great choice, as well as Facebook too. Posting your videos up on YouTube will give you a big advantage over the competition.

It’s important to note that you want to advertise, but you don’t want to spam. Don’t get too crazy with posting your links trying to sell your real estate – because the last thing you want to do is turn off a potential buyer.