Why Memphis?

Memphis is one of the lesser known US cities. Most people associate it with Elvis Presley, great Barbeque, and a long history of (primarily blues) music. What most Canadians don’t know is that Memphis is a strategically centred transportation hub that connects the coasts by air, rail, river and road.

This strategic, central US location is the reason FedEx has called Memphis home for 40 years. Nicknamed the “Superhub,” Memphis is the second largest cargo transportation airport in the world and first largest in North America. The airport regularly delivers cargo to both national and international terminals, including London, Dubai, Paris, and Tokyo.

Memphis is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx, AutoZone, and International Paper. These companies draw a steady stream of skilled employee who make up a strong rental pool.

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46% of Memphis Rents

In addition to a strong rental pool, Memphis has several factors that make it an ideal investment market for international investors:

  • Income property availability
  • Stable real estate market
  • Stable appreciation projections
  • High rents relative to home values
  • Favorable regional unemployment rates and employment trends
  • Home valuations relative to median incomes
  • Low investment property tax and insurance rates
  • Favorable weather and geographic factors