Terms of Use

The Canada Buy South Network of Real Estate Professionals seeks to provide Canadian Real Estate Investors and other out-of-town investors of US Real Estate the best resources to assist in their search.

The Canada Buy South Network will provide Real Estate Professionals with a free account to:

Create a Unique Public Professional Profile
Profile length is suggested to be unique and a minimum of 300 words for strong search engine indexing and ranking.
It is suggested that your Public Professional Profile provide details about:
your educational background & experience,
how you entered real estate/finance,
your service area(s) and ideal neighbourhoods or communities,
why you would be a benefit to Canadians seeking to purchase a property in your area,
and, any other details that explain why you are the best choice for your service area.
Use keywords that are searched for often, such as your-state real estate, your-state realtor, your-city real estate, etc. to make your profile page easy to find by search engines.
Ensure the content be unique because search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will not rank websites with duplicate content already on the web. This can be difficult to do with your own website, but with a website with so many members in our network, this will be much easier.

Link to your Canada Buy South Profile Page and share your profile page using social media sites such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and any other methods you can to help push your profile page to the top of search rankings.
No Referral Fees or Membership Costs
Currently, there are no fees to become a member of the Canada Buy South Network.

If terms & conditions change in the future, all real estate professionals will be notified and will have the option to agree to the new terms to continue with the network or reject the new terms & conditions and be removed.

Canada Buy South Reserves Rights to Remove Any Member/Company
Canada Buy South reserves the right to remove any member or company at any time without warning.

Real Estate Professional Expectations
Provide Canada Buy South clients with the best service possible.
Be timely to return phone calls and emails providing the details requested.
Understand that it may take time for an interested clients to meet you in person. Provide your best service regardless of whether the client plans to visit in the near future.